Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Insurance Coverage - Property Damage: What You Should Know

There are two types of property damage that you need to be insured against: damage that is done to your own property by a third party or some uncontrollable force and damage that you may do to someone else s property.

19 and No Insurance

Currently I have no insurance at all. I am 19 years old without health insurance because the insurance company automatically cut me off when I turned 19 and was no longer in school.

Insurers Refuse Health Insurance To Workers In Certain Jobs

If you're an air traffic controller, a firefighter, or work in a stable, forget about getting health insurance, at least from some California companies.

squaremouth inc. Launches Health Insurance Comparison Site

ST. PETE BEACH, Fla., Jan. 10, 2007 – Insurance industry leader squaremouth inc. ( has added health insurance to its lineup of insurance products.

Knowing When to Buy Health Insurance

Health insurance is essential in this day and age, yet many people simply do not bother to take it out. Either it is too expensive or they do not think they will need it, either way they end up completely unprotected.

Katrina Insurance Trials, Settlement Talks Underway

Court trials have begun this week in Mississippi, in two of the thousands of cases filed over the insurance industry's handling of claims in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, according to an Associated Press (AP) article.

New Speaker Challenges Insurance Risk Projections

TALLAHASSEE - The speaker of Florida's House is demanding that companies across the country hand over computer models used to justify huge homeowners insurance rate increases in many coastal areas.

Insurance for Long Term Care: Are You Willing to Gamble You Won’t ...

Author Elder Rage Host Coping With Caregiving Radio Show WELCOME BACK ALL MY CAREGIVERS—Tell us your story!

A Motorcycle Insurance Primer

Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle.* ~Author Unknown. Picture this: An open road. A desolate landscape stretching out in front of you. (Let’s say somewhere in Monument Valley, Utah.

The Insurance Fight - Special Session Preview

First, I must tell you that I am no expert in home owners insurance. I am merely a spectator of what will be a knock-down drag-out fight next week. On one side, big insurance and big business. On the other, homeowners.